Restoring a 1977 Datsun 280Z 2+2

April 2022

In progress. Full write-up coming soon...




I wanted a cool classic car but didn't have the money to buy an actual classic. So I decided to build one.

Brief summary of the build:

How much?

Initial purchase price: $4,600

Parts & materials: $9,174.82 (running spreadsheet of parts + costs here)

Grand total: $13,774.82

How long?

Bought: 6/10/19

Finished: 4/23/22

Total time: 1,049 days (2.87 years)

Where is it now?

I sold it to a guy in Missouri who collects Datsuns for $9,500. Took a bath 🛁 on this one.

Final thoughts: 

Helpful resources:; Best resource for OEM & aftermarket Datsun parts; Another good resource for OEM & aftermarket Datsun parts; Great for oddball used parts you can't find anywhere else; Yet another good resource for OEM & aftermarket Datsun parts (also has other Japanese brands)

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